Tele-Health Services


Tele-health Acupuncture


Our clinic services are now available to you at HOME!

Telehealth Acupuncture is using Zoom / Skype or webcam-based consultation, to assess patients condition and offer specific acupressure instructions and exercises.

My Tele-health consultations incorporate Chinese Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Bio-Resonance therapy and meditation, all in one session.

Each session is 1 hour long, where as an Acupuncturist I will review your new patient intake form, and go over any lab reports. We will discuss your health issues in full, offering recommendations for supplements, Chinese Herbs, diet and lifestyle changes

Although Acupuncture is absolutely amazing, it is not absolutely necessary for health and healing in every case. Tele- medicine is very helpful for chronic illness, for those who would go to a doctor to try to find out what is going on in the body. Some individuals may be having complications with hormones, digestive issues, or multiple system disorders who would greatly benefit from understanding what is going on with the body at is root, rather than being compartmentalized.

We are excited to announce that we are now offering Telehealth eVisits!

An eVisit is similar to a regular appointment; the only difference is that you will see and speak with Jose Del Castillo. via video or phone to discuss your health concerns and receive your customized treatment plan which may include a guided nutrition plan, vitamins and herbal recommendations, acupressure, Bio-Resonance and lifestyle modifications. We will help you find solutions for stress, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, allergies, weight loss, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems and more.

Ways to decrease your stress, boost your immunity and enhance your overall health will be also discussed.

An eVisit can be made online or by calling our office at 07807 537585.

The following is available virtually:

  • Initial and follow-up Wellness Consults Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) analysis, diagnosis, and recommendations
  • Remote Bio-Resonance & Metha-therapy (distance with Radionic )
  • Emotional well being, Active listening
  • Immune support and fighting off cold symptoms Herbal Medicine Consults
  • Dietary therapy and Nutritional Consults according to your constitution
  • Tongue Assessment (eVisit only)
  • Self -massage, energy work

Telehealth consultations are a Zoom / Skype / phone or webcam-based consultation that will take up to 30 to 60 minutes. There is no acupuncture needling involved in these consultations, but using a range of self-stimulations for the right pressure points.

What to Expect – Tele-health Acupuncture

In this consultation, We can take a history of your condition, assess your condition by looking at your tongue and body movement. You may then be given an instruction to press certain pressure points to confirm the energy blockage or unbalance. Then, you will be advised on tools and techniques to stimulate certain pressure points. You may do it together with me during the session, or do it yourself and check-in on your progress in a couple of days. You may also receive an exercise plan for your recovery.

Please note, no acupuncture needling session is provided in this consultation. Few shorter consultations may be required in order to help you with your problem.

If you need any guidance or advice at all, please consider us a resource and reach out to us at 07807 537585 with any questions that you may have. Though social distancing is important at this time, we feel that taking the time to care for ourselves now more than ever is an important one and not one to be put on hold. Studies repeatedly show the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle including proper hydration, adequate rest and stress-reducing techniques to build our immunity and prevent disease.

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If you have any problems booking, please call 07807 537 585 or email us.